Saturday, 28 April 2012

398 IT - Castel del Monte (1996)

Brief Description

"When the Emperor Frederick II built this castle near Bari in the 13th century, he imbued it with symbolic significance, as reflected in the location, the mathematical and astronomical precision of the layout and the perfectly regular shape. A unique piece of medieval military architecture, Castel del Monte is a successful blend of elements from classical antiquity, the Islamic Orient and north European Cistercian Gothic."

"国王腓特烈二世在13世纪开始建造这座位于意大利南部巴里的蒙特堡,他赋予这座城堡重要的象征 意义。这些象征意义反映在城堡的位置、建筑规划方面数学与天文学上的精准,以及完美的外形上。作为中世纪一座具有独特风格的军事建筑,蒙特堡无疑是古希腊 罗马风格、东方伊斯兰风格和北欧西多会哥特式建筑风格的完美结合。"

Source UNESCO WH website

Courtesy of Zoran from Croatia

Saturday, 14 April 2012

914 ZA - iSimangaliso Wetland Park (1999)

Brief Description

"The ongoing fluvial, marine and aeolian processes in the site have produced a variety of landforms, including coral reefs, long sandy beaches, coastal dunes, lake systems, swamps, and extensive reed and papyrus wetlands. The interplay of the park's environmental heterogeneity with major floods and coastal storms and a transitional geographic location between subtropical and tropical Africa has resulted in exceptional species diversity and ongoing speciation. The mosaic of landforms and habitat types creates breathtaking scenic vistas. The site contains critical habitats for a range of species from Africa's marine, wetland and savannah environments."


"不断的河流、海洋和风的侵蚀作用使得该地呈现多样地貌,包括珊瑚礁、漫长的沙滩、 海岸沙丘、湖泊、沼泽、大片的芦苇丛和纸草沼泽。公园内环境的异质性、洪水和海洋风暴以及热带和亚热带的非洲地理状况的相互作用,使这里拥有异常多的物 种,并有新的物种在不断形成。多样的地貌和生境种类使这里景色不凡。该公园为非洲海洋、沼泽地到大草原的各种物种提供了栖息地。"

Source UNESCO WH website

Courtesy of Jocelyn from South Africa

192 YE - Old Walled City of Shibam (1982)

Brief Description

"Surrounded by a fortified wall, the 16th-century city of Shibam is one of the oldest and best examples of urban planning based on the principle of vertical construction. Its impressive tower-like structures rise out of the cliff and have given the city the nickname of ‘the Manhattan of the desert’."



Source UNESCO WH website

Courtesy of SLLiew from Malaysia

MY1921 - The Taman Negara National Park of Peninsular Malaysia (2004)

Courtesy of SLLiew from Malaysia

TH1920 - Phuphrabat Historical Park (2004)

Courtesy of SLLiew from Malaysia

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

BG45 - The Magoura cave with drawings from the bronze age (1984)

Courtesy of Lilia from Bulgaria

AD1269 - Eglises romanes d'Andorre (1999)

Courtesy of Svea from Germany
1269-01 Església de Sant Joan de Caselles

- Sant Miquel d'Engolasters
- Ensemble historique de Pal
- Ensemble historique de la Cortinada
- Ensemble historique de les Bons
- Sant Serni de Nagol
- Clocher et porche de Santa Eulàlia d'Encamp
- Clocher de Sant Julià i Sant Germà

AD1268 - Ensemble historique de Santa Coloma (1999)

Courtesy of Svea from Germany