Saturday, 24 October 2009

617 CZ - Historic Centre of Český Krumlov (1992)

Brief Description

"Situated on the banks of the Vltava river, the town was built around a 13th-century castle with Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements. It is an outstanding example of a small central European medieval town whose architectural heritage has remained intact thanks to its peaceful evolution over more than five centuries."

"这个城镇位于瓦尔塔瓦河(Vltava river)畔,围绕一座13世纪城堡而建。这座城堡融合了哥特式、文艺复兴式以及巴洛克式风格。这是中世纪中欧小城的杰出典范,经历五个多世纪的和平发展,其建筑古迹被原封不动地保留了下来。"
Source UNESCO WH website

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