Thursday, 3 December 2009

ID955 - Lorentz National Park (1999)

Brief Description

"Lorentz National Park (2.5 million ha) is the largest protected area in South-East Asia. It is the only protected area in the world to incorporate a continuous, intact transect from snowcap to tropical marine environment, including extensive lowland wetlands. Located at the meeting-point of two colliding continental plates, the area has a complex geology with ongoing mountain formation as well as major sculpting by glaciation. The area also contains fossil sites which provide evidence of the evolution of life on New Guinea, a high level of endemism and the highest level of biodiversity in the region."


"洛伦茨公园占地面积250万公顷,是东南亚最大的保护区, 也是世界上唯一一个既包括积雪覆盖的山地又有热带海洋环境、以及广阔低地沼泽的连续完好的保护区。它位于两个大陆板块碰撞的地方,这里的地质情况复杂,既 有山脉的形成又有冰河作用的重要活动。这里还保存着化石遗址,记载了新几内亚生命的进化。这一地区拥有动植物的地方特色及丰富的生物多样性。"

Source UNESCO WH website

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