Monday, 23 May 2011

841 CU - San Pedro de la Roca Castle, Santiago de Cuba (1997)

Brief Description

"Commercial and political rivalries in the Caribbean region in the 17th century resulted in the construction of this massive series of fortifications on a rocky promontory, built to protect the important port of Santiago. This intricate complex of forts, magazines, bastions and batteries is the most complete, best-preserved example of Spanish-American military architecture, based on Italian and Renaissance design principles."


"17世纪,加勒比海地区商业和政治竞争促使人们在坚如岩石的海岬上修建了这一规模庞大的防御工事,用以保护重要港口圣地亚哥。 这一复杂的建筑群是根据意大利文艺复兴原理设计的,包括有堡垒、军火库、棱堡和炮台,是西班牙裔美洲人的军事建筑中保存最完整、最好的一个。"

Source UNESCO WH website

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