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1101 IN - Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park (2004)

Brief Description

A concentration of largely unexcavated archaeological, historic and living cultural heritage properties cradled in an impressive landscape which includes prehistoric (chalcolithic) sites, a hill fortress of an early Hindu capital, and remains of the 16th-century capital of the state of Gujarat. The site also includes, among other vestiges, fortifications, palaces, religious buildings, residential precincts, agricultural structures and water installations, from the 8th to 14th centuries. The Kalikamata Temple on top of Pavagadh Hill is considered to be an important shrine, attracting large numbers of pilgrims throughout the year. The site is the only complete and unchanged Islamic pre-Mughal city.


尚庞–巴瓦加德考古公园是一块古老的土地,这里集中着许多尚未挖掘的、具有悠久历史和极高考古价值的文化遗产。它的景致异 常优美,包括史前(青铜时代)遗址,古代印度都城的高地堡垒,16世纪时古吉拉特王国首都的遗址,以及8世纪至14世纪古老的军事防御工程、宫殿、宗教性 的建筑物,住宅区的排水系统,农业设施和供水装置。建立于巴瓦加德山丘上的卡力卡玛达寺,一直被认为是一个重要的圣地,终年吸引着大量的朝圣者。该遗址是 莫卧儿王朝之前唯一一个完整的无变化的伊斯兰城市。

Source UNESCO WH website

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