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1153 FR - The Causses and the Cévennes, Mediterranean agro-pastoral Cultural Landscape (2011)

Brief Description

"This 302,319 ha property, in the southern part of central France, is a mountain landscape interspersed by deep valleys that is representative of the relationship between agro-pastoral systems and their biophysical environment, notably through drailles or drove roads. Villages and substantial stone farmhouses on deep terraces of the Causses reflect the organization of large abbeys from the 11th century. Mont Lozère, inside the property, is one of the last places where summer transhumance is still practiced in the traditional way, using the drailles."


占地302319公顷,位于法国中南部山脉与深谷交错的地区,农牧系统与自然环境之间的纽带在这一地区得到了展现,特别是在这一地 区夏季上山放牧时,羊群走的山路更是这一纽带的直接反映。景区内的村庄以及喀斯梯田上的坚固的石头农舍体现了11世纪大修道院组织形式。洛泽尔山也位于景 观区内,是最后几个还在实行夏季游牧的地区之一。

Source UNESCO WH website

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