Monday, 13 August 2012

1362 JP - Ogasawara Islands (2011)

Brief Description

"The property numbers more than 30 islands clustered in three groups and covers surface area of 7,939 hectares. The islands offer a variety of landscapes and are home to a wealth of fauna, including the Bonin Flying Fox, a critically endangered bat, and 195 endangered bird species. Four-hundred and forty-one native plant taxa have been documented on the islands whose waters support numerous species of fish, cetaceans and corals. Ogasawara Islands' ecosystems reflect a range of evolutionary processes illustrated through its assemblage of plant species from both southeast and northwest Asia, alongside many endemic species."

Ogasawara Islands,日本

"小笠原群岛(Ogasawara Islands,日本)由三组共30多座岛屿组成,覆盖面积7393公顷。岛屿自然景观丰富多样,是一种属于极危物种的蝙蝠——小笠原大蝙蝠(Bonin Flying Fox),以及195种濒危鸟类等大量动物栖息的家园。在这些岛屿上已发现并记录了441种当地特有的植物类群,在其周边水域中生活着种类繁多的鱼类、鲸 目动物和珊瑚。小笠原群岛的生态系统体现了一系列的生物进化过程,主要表现在这里不仅有着来自东南亚地区与西北亚地区的植物物种,同时还生长着大量当地特 有物种。"

Source UNESCO WH website
Courtesy of Claus from Germany

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