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29 PL - Cracow's Historic Centre (1978)

Brief Description

"The historic centre of Cracow, the former capital of Poland, is situated at the foot of the Royal Wawel Castle. The 13th-century merchants' town has Europe's largest market square and numerous historical houses, palaces and churches with their magnificent interiors. Further evidence of the town's fascinating history is provided by the remnants of the 14th-century fortifications and the medieval site of Kazimierz with its ancient synagogues in the southern part of town, Jagellonian University and the Gothic cathedral where the kings of Poland were buried."
"克拉科夫历史名城,是波兰的前首都,坐落于华威尔皇家城 堡的山脚下。这个13世纪的商业城镇拥有欧洲最大的露天市场和无数内部装潢华丽的历史建筑、宫殿及教堂。克拉科夫历史名城其他迷人的遗迹包括14世纪的要 塞遗址,卡齐米日的中世纪遗址及其位于城南的古老犹太教堂、加杰劳尼大学和波兰国王的安息之地——哥特式大教堂。"
Source UNESCO WH website
Courtesy of Emerich from Czech
Old Town encircled by the Planty park; the Wawel District,
which is the site of the Royal Castle and the cathedral
Renaissance Cloth Hall in Main Market Square

Courtesy of kriszdwola from postcrossing official

Cloth Hall in Main Market Square in the night

Courtesy of Elen_85 from postcrossing

Courtesy of Emerich
from Czech

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