Wednesday, 13 April 2011

1044 ES - Aranjuez Cultural Landscape (2001)

Brief Description

"The Aranjuez cultural landscape is an entity of complex relationships: between nature and human activity, between sinuous watercourses and geometric landscape design, between the rural and the urban, between forest landscape and the delicately modulated architecture of its palatial buildings. Three hundred years of royal attention to the development and care of this landscape have seen it express an evolution of concepts from humanism and political centralization, to characteristics such as those found in its 18th century French-style Baroque garden, to the urban lifestyle which developed alongside the sciences of plant acclimatization and stock-breeding during the Age of Enlightenment."


"阿兰胡埃斯文化景观体现了许多复杂的关系,例如人类活动与自然的关系、蜿蜒水道与呈现几何形态的景观设计之间的关系、乡村 和城市之间的关系,以及森林环境和当地富丽堂皇的精美建筑之间的关系。300年来,西班牙王室对于阿兰胡埃斯文化景观倾注了许多精力,使得它向世人展示着 奇妙的变化。我们不仅能看到人道主义和政治集权的观念,而且可以领略到公元18世纪建造的法国式巴洛克花园所体现出来的特色,以及启蒙运动时期伴随着植物 种植和牲畜饲养所发展起来的城市生活方式。"

Source UNESCO WH website

Courtesy of ninocas from postcrossing forum

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