Wednesday, 13 July 2011

115 IR - Meidan Emam, Esfahan (1979)

Brief Description

"Built by Shah Abbas I the Great at the beginning of the 17th century, and bordered on all sides by monumental buildings linked by a series of two-storeyed arcades, the site is known for the Royal Mosque, the Mosque of Sheykh Lotfollah, the magnificent Portico of Qaysariyyeh and the 15th-century Timurid palace. They are an impressive testimony to the level of social and cultural life in Persia during the Safavid era."


"伊斯法罕王侯广场由阿拔斯一世大帝(Shah Abbas I the Great)建于17世纪初,广场四边是纪念碑建筑,与一组二层的拱廊相连。该遗址以它的皇家清真寺、希克斯罗图福拉清真寺、盖塞尔伊耶希华丽的门廊和 15世纪的提姆瑞德宫而闻名。所有这些反映了萨非(Safavid) 王朝时期波斯的社会文化生活。"

Source UNESCO WH website

Courtesy of Gilles from postcrossing forum

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