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823 IT - Residences of the Royal House of Savoy (1997)

Brief Description

"When Emmanuel-Philibert, Duke of Savoy, moved his capital to Turin in 1562, he began a vast series of building projects (continued by his successors) to demonstrate the power of the ruling house. This outstanding complex of buildings, designed and embellished by the leading architects and artists of the time, radiates out into the surrounding countryside from the Royal Palace in the 'Command Area' of Turin to include many country residences and hunting lodges."


"当萨沃公爵埃马努埃尔·菲利博特(Emmanuel-Philibert) 在1562年把他的首都移往都灵时,他便开始实行了一系列的建筑规划(并由他的继位人不断付诸实施),以此来显示这个统治家族的权力。这一由当时水平最高 的建筑师和艺术家设计和装饰的高质量综合建筑群,从统治中心都灵的皇宫向其周边的农村地区拓展,囊括了许多村庄住宅和打猎用的小屋。"

Source UNESCO WH website

    In Turin:
        01A Palazzo Reale
        01B Palazzo Madama
        01C Palazzo Carignano
        02 Castello del Valentino
        03 Villa della Regina

    In Piedmont, near Turin
        06 Palazzina di Stupinigi
        07 Reggia di Venaria Reale
        08 Castle of La Mandria
        05 Castle of Rivoli
        09 Castle of Agliè
        04 Castle of Moncalieri
        10 Castle of Racconigi
        12 Pollenzo Estate
        11 Castle of Govone

 Courtesy of Luca from Italy

 Courtesy of limoda from postcrossing
01A Palazzo Reale
Courtesy of Luca from Italy

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