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321 BD - Historic Mosque City of Bagerhat (1985)

Brief Description

Situated in the suburbs of Bagerhat, at the meeting-point of the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers, this ancient city, formerly known as Khalifatabad, was founded by the Turkish general Ulugh Khan Jahan in the 15th century. The city’s infrastructure reveals considerable technical skill and an exceptional number of mosques and early Islamic monuments, many built of brick, can be seen there.


这座古城位于巴凯尔哈特(Bagerht)城外的恒河(Ganges)和布拉马普特拉河(Brahmaputra)的交汇 处。古城原名卡理法塔巴德(Khalifatabad),是由一位名叫乌鲁格哈贾汗(Ulugh Khan Jahan)的土耳其将军于公元15世纪建立的。城市的基础设施建设令人叹为观止,体现出很高的建筑技术和工艺。城中还有大量砖结构的清真寺和早期伊斯兰 古迹。

Source UNESCO WH website

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