Thursday, 3 March 2011

908 IT - Isole Eolie (Aeolian Islands) (2000)

Brief Description

"The Aeolian Islands provide an outstanding record of volcanic island-building and destruction, and ongoing volcanic phenomena. Studied since at least the 18th century, the islands have provided the science of vulcanology with examples of two types of eruption (Vulcanian and Strombolian) and thus have featured prominently in the education of geologists for more than 200 years. The site continues to enrich the field of vulcanology."

"伊奥利亚群岛出色地记录了火山活动对岛屿形成、岛屿毁坏过程的影响以及持续进行的火山现象。至少从18世纪起,人们就开始 研究这里的火山活动。群岛为火山学的研究提供了两种类型火山喷发(活火山喷发和斯特隆布利式火山喷发)的鲜活例子,因此,200多年来,这里对地质教育起 了极其显著的作用。群岛继续为火山学领域的研究提供丰富的素材。"
Source UNESCO WH website
Courtesy of Diaboluke from postcrossing forum

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