Saturday, 29 December 2012

251 IN - Agra Fort (1983)

Brief Description

"Near the gardens of the Taj Mahal stands the important 16th-century Mughal monument known as the Red Fort of Agra. This powerful fortress of red sandstone encompasses, within its 2.5-km-long enclosure walls, the imperial city of the Mughal rulers. It comprises many fairy-tale palaces, such as the Jahangir Palace and the Khas Mahal, built by Shah Jahan; audience halls, such as the Diwan-i-Khas; and two very beautiful mosques."

"与泰姬花园毗邻的红色阿格拉古堡,是16世纪重要的莫卧儿王朝纪念建筑。它是由红沙石建成的坚固堡垒,围墙长2.5公里, 把莫卧儿统治者的皇宫围在中间。古堡里有许多宛如童话故事一样的宫殿,如沙贾汗修建的贾汗吉尔宫或称卡斯宫,有迪凡-伊-卡斯会客厅和两座非常秀丽的清真 寺。"

Source UNESCO WH website

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