Wednesday, 19 December 2012

769 RU - Uvs Nuur Basin (2003)

Brief Description

"The Uvs Nuur Basin (1,068,853 ha), is the northernmost of the enclosed basins of Central Asia. It takes its name from Uvs Nuur Lake, a large, shallow and very saline lake, important for migrating birds, waterfowl and seabirds. The site is made up of twelve protected areas representing the major biomes of eastern Eurasia. The steppe ecosystem supports a rich diversity of birds and the desert is home to a number of rare gerbil, jerboas and the marbled polecat. The mountains are an important refuge for the globally endangered snow leopard, mountain sheep (argali) and the Asiatic ibex."

"乌布苏盆地面积1 068 853公顷,是中亚最北部的封闭性盆地,它得名于乌布苏湖。乌布苏湖是一个巨大的浅咸水湖,它是候鸟、水鸟和海鸟的重要栖息地。该地区由12个保护区组 成,这些保护区内拥有亚欧大陆东部的主要生物群系。西伯利亚大草原生态系统为各种各样的鸟类提供了栖息地,沙漠地区里生活着许多珍稀动物,如沙鼠、跳鼠和 斑纹臭鼬,而山区地带则是一些世界濒危动物的避难所,比如雪豹、高山山羊(盘羊)和亚洲野生山羊"

Source UNESCO WH website
Courtesy of doncreatore from postcrossing forum

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