Monday, 17 December 2012

1299 RU - Lena Pillars Nature Park (2012)

Brief Description

"Lena Pillars Nature Park is marked by spectacular rock pillars that reach a height of approximately 100 m along the banks of the Lena River in the central part of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). They were produced by the region’s extreme continental climate with an annual temperature range of almost 100 degrees Celsius (from –60 °C in winter to +40 °C in summer). The pillars form rocky buttresses isolated from each other by deep and steep gullies developed by frost shattering directed along intervening joints. Penetration of water from the surface has facilitated cryogenic processes (freeze-thaw action), which have widened gullies between pillars leading to their isolation. Fluvial processes are also critical to the pillars. The site also contains a wealth of Cambrian fossil remains of numerous species, some of them unique."


"勒那河柱状岩自然公园以其所拥有的壮观岩柱而著称,高度可达100米,位于萨哈共和国(雅库特)中部的勒那河畔。他们是该地区的极 端大陆性气候的产物,这里的年度温差可达近100摄氏度(冬天-60°C,夏季+40°C)。把这些柱状岩相互隔离开来的深邃陡峭的冲沟,是岩柱的连接部 分受到霜冻粉碎的作用而形成的。地表水的渗透则促进了低温过程(冻融作用),并造成岩柱之间冲沟的进一步扩大和石柱之间的隔离。河流的作用也是影响到石柱 形成的重要因素。此外,该遗产还包含了大量寒武纪生物化石遗迹,其中有一些是这里独有的。"

Source UNESCO WH website

Courtesy of doncreatore from postcrossing forum

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