Monday, 17 December 2012

635 FR - Bourges Cathedral (1992)

Brief Description

"The Cathedral of St Etienne of Bourges, built between the late 12th and late 13th centuries, is one of the great masterpieces of Gothic art and is admired for its proportions and the unity of its design. The tympanum, sculptures and stained-glass windows are particularly striking. Apart from the beauty of the architecture, it attests to the power of Christianity in medieval France."


"布尔日·圣·艾蒂安大教堂(the Cathedral of St Etienne of Bourges)建于12世纪末至13世纪末期间,是杰出的哥特式建筑杰作之一,其完美的比例和协调的设计令人称羡。教堂的门楣、雕塑和彩色玻璃窗特别引 人注目。除了漂亮的建筑,教堂还表现了中世纪法国基督教的权力。"

Source UNESCO WH website

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