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234 IN - Churches and Convents of Goa (1986)

Brief Description

"The churches and convents of Goa, the former capital of the Portuguese Indies – particularly the Church of Bom Jesus, which contains the tomb of St Francis-Xavier – illustrate the evangelization of Asia. These monuments were influential in spreading forms of Manueline, Mannerist and Baroque art in all the countries of Asia where missions were established."

"果阿是葡萄牙占领印度时期的首都。那里的教堂和修道院,特别是存有圣弗朗西斯-伊格赛维亚(St Francis-Xavier)棺木的鲍姆耶酥教堂,是在亚洲传播基督福音的历史证明。这些建筑对于在所有亚洲的传教国家里传播曼奴埃尔式、曼纳瑞斯式和 巴洛克式建筑风格起了很大的影响作用。"
Source UNESCO WH website

1. Se’ Cathedral
2. Church and Convent of St. Francis of Assisi
3. Chapel of St. Catherine
4. Basilica of Bom Jesus
5. Chapel of St. Cajetan
6. Church of Lady of Rosary
7. Church of St. Augustin
Se’ Cathedral 
Se’ Cathedral, chapel of holy cross of miracles

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Basilica of Bom Jesus
Chapel of St. Cajetan

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