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765 RU - Volcanoes of Kamchatka (1996)

Brief Description

"This is one of the most outstanding volcanic regions in the world, with a high density of active volcanoes, a variety of types, and a wide range of related features. The six sites included in the serial designation group together the majority of volcanic features of the Kamchatka peninsula. The interplay of active volcanoes and glaciers forms a dynamic landscape of great beauty. The sites contain great species diversity, including the world's largest known variety of salmonoid fish and exceptional concentrations of sea otter, brown bear and Stellar's sea eagle."

"勘察加火山是世界上最著名的火山区之一,它拥有高密度的活火山,而且类型和特征各不相同。指定考察的6个景点集中了勘察加 半岛大多数的火山奇异景观。活火山与冰河相互作用造就了这里的生机和美景。景区内物种丰富,除世界现存的最大鲑鱼群外,还集中了罕见的海獭、棕熊和鱼鹰。"

Source UNESCO WH website

765-001     Kronotsky Strict Nature Reserve (two parcels)
765-002     Southern Kamchatka Wildlife Reserve
765-003     "Nalychevo" Regional Nature Park
765-004     "Bystrinsky" Regional Nature Park
765-005     Southern Kamchatka" Regional Nature Park (two parcels)
765-006     "Kluchevskoy" Regional Nature Park"

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765-001 Kronotsky Strict Nature Reserve - Volcano Kronotsky

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Volcano Karymsky, Kamtchatka

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