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805 ES - San Millán Yuso and Suso Monasteries (1997)

Brief Description

"The monastic community founded by St Millán in the mid-6th century became a place of pilgrimage. A fine Romanesque church built in honour of the holy man still stands at the site of Suso. It was here that the first literature was produced in Castilian, from which one of the most widely spoken languages in the world today is derived. In the early 16th century the community was housed in the fine new monastery of Yuso, below the older complex; it is still a thriving community today."


"圣米延于公元6世纪中叶在该世界遗产所在地建立了修士团体,后来,这里成为了基督教徒的朝圣地。今天,这座为了纪念圣米延 而修建的罗马式教堂历尽沧桑,依然矗立在素索。就是在这里产生了最早使用卡斯提尔语言的文学作品,今天全世界最广泛使用的语言之一——西班牙语,就起源于 此。公元16世纪初,在素索旧址的下方,一座漂亮的新修道院——尤索修道院建成,它至今依然在兴旺地发展壮大。"

Source UNESCO WH website

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San Millán Yuso Monastery

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