Tuesday, 15 February 2011

CN1083 Three river area available for swap

CN1083-01 Three river area (0 available) 15/03/11 1 postcard on its way to nathj92 in exchange for Fontainbleau forest (received)

CN1083-02 Baima Snow mountain (0 available)
25/04/11 1 postcard on its way to elbe (Completed)
19/07/12 1 card on its way to nagi7 (received) in exchange for Pattadakal (Completed)

CN1083-03 Meili snow mountain (2 available)
CN1083-04 Meili snow mountain (1 available)10/06/11 1 postcard on its way to OpenSea (received) in exchange for Finnair DC-9 (Completed)

CN1083-05 Hongshan area - Shudu lake (1 available)

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