Wednesday, 23 February 2011

578 AU - Shark Bay, Western Australia (1991)

Brief Description

"At the most westerly point of the Australian continent, Shark Bay, with its islands and the land surrounding it, has three exceptional natural features: its vast sea-grass beds, which are the largest (4,800 km2) and richest in the world; its dugong (‘sea cow’) population; and its stromatolites (colonies of algae which form hard, dome-shaped deposits and are among the oldest forms of life on earth). Shark Bay is also home to five species of endangered mammals."


"此鲨鱼湾位于澳洲大陆最西端,由许多岛屿及周边陆地组成,有三个独具一格的自然特点:拥有世界上最大的海床(4800平方 公里)和最丰富的海草资源;拥有世界上数量最多的儒艮(海牛);拥有大量叠层石(叠层石是由大量海藻形成的硬质圆形沉积物,是地球上最古老的生命形式之 一)。鲨鱼湾还是五种濒危哺乳动物的栖息地。"

Source UNESCO WH website

Courtesy of hmassese from postcrossing forum

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