Sunday, 7 October 2012

816 KR - Changdeokgung Palace Complex (1997)

Brief Description

"In the early 15th century, the Emperor T'aejong ordered the construction of a new palace at an auspicious site. A Bureau of Palace Construction was set up to create the complex, consisting of a number of official and residential buildings set in a garden that was cleverly adapted to the uneven topography of the 58-ha site. The result is an exceptional example of Far Eastern palace architecture and design, blending harmoniously with the surrounding landscape."

"公元15世纪早期,太宗皇帝下令在吉祥之地再修建一座新的宫殿, 于是成立了修建宫殿的队伍来执行这项命令,新的宫殿占地58公顷,内有处理政务的宫殿和皇族的寝宫,整个宫殿完美地适应了当地的崎岖地形,与四周的自然环 境和谐地融为一体,成为远东地区宫殿建筑设计的典范之作。"

Source UNESCO WH website
Throne Hall, Changdeokgung Palace

鱼水门 Juhamnu 后苑 secret garden

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