Sunday, 28 October 2012

KR977 Gochang dolmen site available for swap

KR977-1-01 Gochang dolmen site (0 available)

KR977-1-02 Gochang dolmen site (3 available)
27/11/12 1 postcard on its way to famalubel (received)in exchange for Pyrénées - Mont Perdu (Completed)
12/12/12 1 postcard reserved for seetas (received) in exchange for Kaziranga National Park (Completed)
18/07/13 1 postcard on its way to mirabelle (received) in exchange for M'ZAB VALLEY,ALGERIA (Completed)
12/07/18 1 postcard on its way to mucciniale in exchange for IT1026 - Val d'Orcia

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