Thursday, 18 October 2012

331 MA - Medina of Marrakesh (1985)

Brief Description

"Founded in 1070–72 by the Almoravids, Marrakesh remained a political, economic and cultural centre for a long period. Its influence was felt throughout the western Muslim world, from North Africa to Andalusia. It has several impressive monuments dating from that period: the Koutoubiya Mosque, the Kasbah, the battlements, monumental doors, gardens, etc. Later architectural jewels include the Bandiâ Palace, the Ben Youssef Madrasa, the Saadian Tombs, several great residences and Place Jamaâ El Fna, a veritable open-air theatre."

"马拉柯什城是穆拉比兑人于公元1071年至1072年建立的,在很长的一段时期内,马拉柯什一直是摩洛哥的政治中心、经济 中心和文化中心。该城的影响力遍及整个西部穆斯林世界,从非洲北部一直到安大路西亚。马拉柯什城中还保留着几个从那个时代遗留下来的遗迹,包括库图比亚清 真寺、居民居住区、城墙、巨大城门、花园等等。此外,城中还有一些后期建造的伟大建筑,如邦迪阿宫、本·尤素福穆斯林大学、 萨阿迪墓、数处宏伟的宫殿和民居以及真正的室外剧场——雅马埃尔法那广场。"
Source UNESCO WH website
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