Monday, 8 October 2012

817 KR - Hwaseong Fortress (1997)

Brief Description

"When the Choson emperor Chongjo moved his father's tomb to Suwon at the end of the 18th century, he surrounded it with strong defensive works, laid out according to the precepts of an influential military architect of the period, who brought together the latest developments in the field from both East and West. The massive walls, extending for nearly 6 km, still survive; they are pierced by four gates and equipped with bastions, artillery towers and other features."

"朝鲜李氏王朝皇帝崇舟在公元18世纪末将其父亲的陵墓迁移到水原后, 他依照当时颇具影响力的军事建筑方式在陵墓四周修建了防御工事,这种防御工事同时体现出了当时东西方最新的战争理论发展。陵墓周围的巨大墙体延伸了将近六 公里,装有四扇大门,配有堡垒、炮台和其他特色建筑,整个防御工事一直保留到了今天。"
Source UNESCO WH website

Hwaseomun - West gate of Hwaseong Fortress 華西門與東北空心墩
Banghwasuryujeong pavillion 訪花隨柳亭
八达门 Paldalmun

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