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983 GB - Historic Town of St George and Related Fortifications, Bermuda (2000)

Brief Description

"The Town of St George, founded in 1612, is an outstanding example of the earliest English urban settlement in the New World. Its associated fortifications graphically illustrate the development of English military engineering from the 17th to the 20th century, being adapted to take account of the development of artillery over this period."



Source UNESCO WH website

983-001     Historic Town of St George
983-002     Devonshire Redoubt,Castle Island, St George, Bermuda
983-003     Landward Fort,Castle Island, St George, Bermuda
983-004     Seaward Fort (King's Castle),Castle Island, St George, Bermuda
983-005     Southampton Fort,St George, Bermuda
983-006     St. David's Battery,St George, Bermuda
983-007     Fort Popple,St George, Bermuda
983-008     Paget Fort,Paget Island, St George, Bermuda
983-009     Smith's Fort,Governor's Island, St George, Bermuda
983-010     Fort Cunningham,Paget Island, St George, Bermuda
983-011     Musketry Trenches,Paget Island, St George, Bermuda
983-012     Peniston's Redoubt,Paget Island, St George, Bermuda
983-013     Alexandra Battery,St George, Bermuda
983-014     Gate's Fort (Town Cut Battery),St George, Bermuda
983-015     Fort Albert,St George, Bermuda
983-016     Fort St. Catherine,St. George's Island, St George, Bermuda
983-017     Fort Victoria,St George, Bermuda
983-018     Western Redoubt (Fort William),St George, Bermuda
983-019     Fort George,St George, Bermuda
983-020     Burnt Point Fort,Ferry Reach, St George, Bermuda
983-021     Martello Tower,Ferry Reach, St George, Bermuda
983-022     Ferry Reach Magazine,Ferry Reach, St George, Bermuda
983-023     Ferry Island Fort,Ferry Reach, St George, Bermuda
983-024     Coney Island Kiln,Coney Island, St George, Bermuda

Courtesy of pjsubway from RR578
983-001 Historic Town of St George
Courtesy of ddonkey from Croatia
983-013 Alexandra Battery & 983-014 Gate's Forton the right
and Town of St George in the distance

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